A Wolf Shall Devour the Sun: Are Traditional Design Firms Losing It?


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Norse mythology (1909)

(Photo courtesy of Creative Commons)

A few months ago, modern day Vikings celebrated Ragnarok, the end of the world for the old gods. Ancient Nordic mythology says that after the great horn blew and the wolf devoured the sun, it was pretty much curtains for Thor, Loki and the whole crew up in Asgard. The legends say that no matter how many people they have in Asgard, it will feel like too few when the wolf comes. The end of the world is still a good ways off for the rest of us but the Ragnarok of traditional design firms is at hand.

Design + Tech

Although the convergence of design and Internet technology is a moot point, many design firms still refuse to recognize this global shift in productive innovation. They continue to act as though design and software engineering represent separate fields, each with their own market leaders. This is critical error and it will truly transform the landscape of the design industry because the wolf is getting hungry. Old world design firms are about to discover that their days in the sun are numbered if they can’t adapt to customer expectations in the new world driven by consumers.

Crafting the User Experience

There are now a burgeoning number of new firms that specialize in the integrated design and engineering of high tech projects that can create a great overall user experience. Clients are flocking to these firms because they can design, build and deliver well-designed and well-built software projects from concept to reality. Over the past four to five years, many of these all-in-one production firms have grown equal in size to the traditional design firms of two decades. These new firms are growing much faster than their design-only competition. They are stealing talent, business and, most importantly, market share.

Deceptive Industry Growth

There are a few reasons why the older design firms are not yet feeling the approaching eternal winter. Partly it is due to the fact that they just can’t believe that they are fast becoming obsolete and partly because the industry itself is growing so fast that there are still plenty of clients to go around. Industry growth can’t absorb the impact for long, though. The great horn has already been blown. The new firms incorporating design and software engineering are going to eat their competition’s client base for breakfast, sunny side up. The old world design firms don’t have much time left to either acquire new capabilities or resign themselves to irrelevance. After all, even the gods have to face their twilight someday.

From Prototypes to App Store

Honestly, there is still time to stop the wolf from devouring anyone’s sun, we intend to create a close creative and technology partnership to tide the imminent industry shakeout. In order to stay relevant in the market and protect their market share, design firms will need a way to build out high quality mobile technology from prototype to app store placement. We specialize in mobile application development have proprietary framework for Hybrid Apps and are passionate about solving difficult problems for our customer. Firms can feel free to concentrate on the design while we create new and emerging innovations, technologies and products faster and with highest quality. The world wasn’t built in a day, but thanks to Ragnarok, it’s going to end that way for too many firms that can’t or won’t adapt to the new world.

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