Beyond One size fits all – A need for Integrated Messaging platform for K-12 Education

Technology has made keeping in touch with children both easier and strangely difficult. Having more ways to talk to each other leaves more room for missed messages and increased confusion. This is especially true in K-12 education environments where students, parents, teachers, and the administration must be on the same page. With a multitude of messaging options, it has become far more difficult to maintain a straight line of communication.

The Rise of “Vertical Messaging”

Recent decades have seen the rise of standard one-dimensional messaging platforms using standard technologies, regardless of the context for its need. Today, our options include a variety of proprietary messaging systems, IMs, Email, SMS etc. As messaging has evolved, it has come to mean different things to different people. One thing is certain, however. The success of WhatsApp and Snapchat indicate the rising popularity of vertical messaging apps. It is clear that there are tremendous benefits for a K-12 education system that can leverage the new mobility by using its own messaging platform. This platform can connect all stakeholders involved, ensuring educational success of students and improving their overall emotional connect with learning.

A Tailored Messaging Platform for K-12

Labs108 is committed to improving K-12 education through our products. Our platform provides an engaged and effective means of keeping a clear communications channel for parents, students, educators and administrators to cooperate more effectively for improved educational achievement.

Skool Commute helps create a personalized, student-focused environment built on a foundation of mobile and cloud based solution. It is a cross-platform integrated messaging system with several innovative features such as:

  • role- and privilege-based messaging access
  • parent-to-parent communication
  • inappropriate content monitoring for student-to-student communications
  • real-time volunteer calendar and signup
  • field trip signup and location-tracking services

This vertical messaging app encourages educational advancement with improved overall engagement. Versions of the app are available on both iOS and Android.

The app also creates a simple and pleasant user experience. Not only can parents connect with educators regarding their children, but schools can also inform parents immediately when there is an emergency. Options allow messages to be sent selectively or broadcast to hundreds of recipients at once when necessary.

A Platform for K-12 Education with Communication at the Core

Skool Commute from labs108 represents a suite of secure and integrated applications that leverage the existing IT infrastructure of school districts while providing distinct branding for higher student engagement. The platform has adapters to connect with third party LMS, SIS, HAC, and CMS solutions to store and manage data from every stage of business, including system-integration services to accommodate the unique needs and interfaces of various school districts.

The LMS integration with the integrated messaging systems provides an easy dashboard for reporting to parents on what their children are learning. Parents will be aware of any homework the child receives and where their children may be having educational difficulties. This cuts down on confusion and allows parents to take a more active role in their child’s education, even when the parents hold down busy schedules.

There is no question that better educational performance can come from a closer cooperation between parents, teachers, and students. Certainly, with all the concerns for student safety in schools these days, a dedicated messaging system could speed up response time to emergencies and provide faster, more accurate access to information for parents.

Overall, the need for an integrated messaging system within local K-12 schools is critical. With the onset of smartphone applications and the availability of such a platform, the concept has moved from being far-fetched to becoming an attainable and desirable reality.

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