Communication at the Core of K-12 Education

It is crucial for school districts to create a distinct brand identity that will resonate throughout school districts. The K-12 education system has a number of entities that include the school staff, administrators, students and their families as well. Over the years, efforts in creating seamless communication between all entities within the school system have been lacking across the board. This has created an influx of systemic problems within the core. All constituents of the system also have a vested interest in the progression of technological innovation that is important. Without a cohesive system to enhance communication within entities, school districts continue to fall behind in creating innovative solutions to address growing communication gaps.

Although the focus on strengthening the efforts of communication are challenging yet being addressed from time to time, the lack of cohesiveness in the K-12 education setting is unsettling. School districts need to show a concerted effort in meeting the needs of all parties involved, while bridging other communication efforts across districts to make a significant difference.

labs108 is launching a product that will enhance the user experience while creating a centralized system for all involved entities to communicate and interact through mobile devices and a cloud based platform. The software design is user-friendly, engaging and is sensitive to the fact that each school district is unique thus the system should be able to scale to the needs of every school district to disseminate information in a timely and useful manner. Through detailed engineering and a push for innovation, school districts will now have the leverage to play a direct role in the achievement of their students.

The platform creates an opportunity for cross-communication where everyone will be on the same page. Having a system based on a mobile platform creates cohesiveness, parent engagement, user interaction, higher attendance as well as student enrollment, and new revenue streams. Studies have shown that consistent content and user engagement are a priority in communicating with students and parents. With a mobile platform, parents will be able to address questions directly to school district members, teachers and administrators without the lag in wait time for an official meeting. Being able to directly respond in real time is an asset that is much needed among schools.

The platform will also create communication at the core, engaging parents and teachers without interpretations from students. Parents will be able to solicit information that is accurate and reliable. Students will also be able to get information they need whether on or off campus which will help them in excelling in their studies. With the addition of mobile device technology to the classroom environment, using software to enhance this model is beneficial and creates a way for students to become competitive partners in a changing global educational environment.

The days of regular two-way communication are gone. Every facet of the educational system has changed, and school districts, school IT professionals and administrators must find a way to bridge the gap. Today’s environment deals with “right now” users, which must be integrated into the current communication model. A personalized platform will make tailored messages easier to receive and can be specifically designed for students, improve parent communication, notification dates of meetings and grade reports, alerts of system-wide changes and more.

Being aware of the growing changes in how students, parents, teachers and other constituents communicate is the first step in embracing the evolution of a new catalyst of change. By integrating this platform, parents will have a better sense of what is going on within the K-12 environment, will be more aware and receptive of the needs of the school district, and can assist teachers in keeping their students engaged. In addition, this will help students remain abreast in the fast changing and evolving technology advancements and help them excel. Although technology is at the forefront, the formula has not changed. Student success is dependent on communication at the core.

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