Circa: Meetings Across Time Zones, made easy!

Circa Meeting Planner World Clock Time Converter

Every day, the world becomes more and more globally minded. Individuals, families, and business colleagues increasingly have interactions across time zones. This prospect can be a daunting one, as finding a time that works across two time zones gets complicated. It’s even worse when attempting to coordinate across more than two time zones. Invariably you make mistakes with time conversions, plus it’s next to impossible to create a schedule that’s convenient for everyone. What you need is an intuitive time converter tool like the super-simple Circa App that can help you convert and schedule with a minimum of confusion or hassle. If you still want to do it the old-fashioned way, however, the following are some guidelines that will help you in scheduling meetings across time zones:

Meeting Tips:

  1. When coordinating across multiple time zones, 6am Pacific is widely accepted as the best time for global meetings. Make 6am Pacific your starting point – then work from there with your participants’ various time zones
  2. Respect individual scheduling concerns by surveying your meeting participants to find out what time slots they prefer. Don’t assume that people can meet only during office hours. With this in mind, avoid commute times in any of the zones. Nothing dampens a constructive conversation like, “Oops, hang on, I’m going to lose you in this tunnel…”
  3. Make the meeting time clear, always communicating the time zone in participants’ local standard times
  4. Spell out the time zones involved, allowing for double-checking of time differences as well as making all participants aware of where other people will be during their day – or night
  5. When it comes to meeting during the less convenient time slots, take turns. Rotate the inconvenience, giving everyone the early-morning or late-night shift at some point. Consider alternating among three times, each eight hours later than the previous time, with the idea that during any given meeting, at least two thirds of participants will be attending during business hours
  6. Smooth the way for future meetings by engaging all participants equally, maybe even paying extra attention to those who are teleconferencing. People seated together in the same room are likely to talk to one another, forgetting about the person on screen or the invisible person on the phone. Practice making eye contact with the people on video and soliciting input from the remote participants
  7. The six tips above can help you schedule meetings across time zones, but why not enlist the services of intuitive tools to help you cope with the challenge. The Circa App can assist you in finding the best time to connect across multiple time zones and helps you see current time in any city. With this stunningly designed mobile app, you simply move the time control, visually decide the best time across time zone, and send a Calendar invite to your meeting participants all over the world as the App comes pre-integrated with your Calendar. It couldn’t be easier!

Coordinating live connections across time can be a challenge. Yet it’s a challenge easily met, especially if you can adopt a global perspective, respect individuals’ preferences, and enlist the help of new, intuitive tools designed specifically with this challenge in mind.


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