It’s Time for Your Own Time Machine! Circa App is the Fun and Easy Way for Kids to Learn World Time

Circa for Kids


“When are you?” That used to be a just a funny thing that kids liked to say. Now, it’s how we live in the global economy. Kids see news from around the world every day. They play games online with other kids on different continents. Often their parents or relatives have to do business on the opposite side of the world.

It’s time kids learnt how to communicate and interact with others across continents and time-zones in an intuitive manner. The Circa app makes it fun for everyone.

Kids can see our lives becoming globally interdependent and connected. As parents, we owe it to our children to make sure they develop the right skills and mindset to handle the emerging challenges of globalization. To truly become global citizens, we will have to internalize a visual representation of global time zones and the world clock. Now there is a fun and practical way to make it real for them.

Circa is an iPhone app that gives kids a playful way to compare times in different places around the world using a dial. It was specifically designed to promote self-learning and experimentation with a delightful tool that they can control.

Kids can enter their favorite cities or travel destinations so they can instantly visualize their favorite question: “What time is it there?” Entering a range of times is where Circa really gets fun. Kids can see meal times, play times and bed times on distant continents sitting side by side on their screens.

The Circa app presents kids with a friendly 24 hour dial, with colorful, concentric arcs representing time periods in other cities around the world. When it’s 6:30 p.m. on a Tuesday evening at home in San Francisco, a child can immediately see that its 10:30 p.m. in Rio de Janeiro and 4:30 a.m. on Wednesday in Kiev. The child enters the cities and the hours when friends and family will be available. Circa takes care of the rest.

Imagine your kids are interested in Japanese cartoons. They can enter a range of times in Tokyo and it will appear on the Circa dial, right next to their own time zone. Maybe they love Egyptian mummies. Now they can check their phones to see when the sun is going down on the pyramids.

What if Mommy has to fly off to London for a business meeting? When will she be done with work? When will she be having tea or riding the London Eye? Kids won’t want to call her after she goes to bed or before she wakes up in the morning.

Even within the US there are six time-zones. When kids are in Hawaii on vacation, they would love to know what their pets or friends at home are doing at that moment. More than just a sophisticated toy, Circa helps them learn how the world clock works in the real world.

Here’s another fun fact that kids will love about time zones in the US: If you drive just 96 miles along State Route 264 near Tuba City, AZ, this summer, you would go through 7 time changes! Arizona doesn’t recognize Daylight Savings Time, but some Native American reservations do. You can see it magically on Circa as it always shows your local time!

Information sticks in young minds when learning is fun. That is one of the fundamentals of education that is often forgotten as we strive to prepare our kids for the world ahead of them. Charts and lists of time zones just aren’t as effective as a cool, interactive app that they want to use.

labs108 is committed to engineering the technology that will improve K-12 education by stretching kids’ imaginations and putting the latest innovations right in their hands. We deploy our expertise in design and development to help children engage with technology and show them a brighter future.

Circa is already prepared for the next wave of technology. The Circa app has been optimized on the Apple Watch and other wearables. Now, when your child asks, “What’s Circa?” you can just download it from the App Store and say, “It’s about time.”


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