SkoolCommute: A Convenient New Tool for Social Commuting


Summer means many things to many different people, but it only means one thing for parents: What am I going to do with the kids?!? Plan A for most parents is the traditional summer camp. The only problem is getting them there. The Alliance for Transportation Research reported that US women with school-aged children drive an average of five trips a day. Normally, half of those trips involve being a chauffeur for family members. Along the same lines, a study by Goodyear Tires found that the typical “Mom Taxi” racks up over 26,000 miles just in driving children around. In the big picture, that’s a huge waste of time, money and will power.

The good news this summer there’s a better answer: a new mobile tool that simplifies shared transportation for families and communities. SkoolCommute helps you put together a shared ride for all your happy campers – with no more than a few swipes of your finger. Take charge of coordinating trips without having to play phone tag or missing messages.

No Worries

SkoolCommute is a smarter way to get your kids where they need to be. When they’re on their way home, the app shows you exactly where your kids are down to the precise city block, using the latest GPS mapping technology. You’ll never have to worry about being late either because there are built in alerts and reminders that you can set to keep you on track.

This co-parenting app is ideal for arranging shared transportation to summer camps, such as:

  • Intramural sports camps
  • Coding and maker camps
  • Theater and dance camps
  • Camps for painting and graphic arts
  • Creative-writing camps
  • Traditional summer camps in the great outdoors

3 Savings

Life has become so complex that everyone is looking for apps that can save them time with critical tasks. If you could save time and money, then that app becomes a necessity. But what if you found an app that could do both and save the environment at the same time.

SkoolCommute saves you time in arranging carpools with the network of social connections that automatically come with summer camps. You also save money by sharing the cost of gas, plus wear and tear on your family car. Perhaps the most important part, though, is that SkoolCommute helps you lower total exhaust emissions and energy consumption in your local environment, helping to preserve the world for the next generation.

One parent can schedule all the days pick-up and drop-off in advance without mistakes and with no last minute rush. In fact, SkoolCommute is also a more intelligent option for arranging for periodic pick-up and drop-off of kids among divorced parents. It takes away any ambiguity about the time and place of the meeting and avoids potential arguments.


The American Psychological Association reports that three out of four parents (73 percent) cite “family responsibilities” as the most significant source of their stress. Don’t spend your summer stressed out. Take care of your family while you take advantage of the sharing economy. The 21st century has been largely by shared transportation services like Uber, Lyft, Zipcar, Getaround and Sidecar. It’s time families and communities saw greater benefits from these movements. The answer could be in your hands, not in your wheels.




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