5 Essential Travel Trends for 2016 and The New Circa App

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Circa World Time and Meeting PlannerAround the globe, more people are taking off in search of exotic cities in 2016, using personalized travel apps to knock down their biggest barriers to travel. That’s the picture emerging from statistical data provided by this year’s ITB World Travel Trends report, the Visa Global Travel Intention study and the WTM Global Trends report. After many years of declines in travel and tourism due to economic woes and safety concerns, the global desire for adventure and exploration is finally heating up again. Take a look at 5 of the most exciting travel trends today and one app that ties them all together.

  1. Cites On Top In The Off Season

Trips centered on specific cities, as opposed to natural wonders, have grown by 82% over the past few years. They now come in second only to sun & beach holidays. In comparison, the number of trips involving regional tours has…

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