​The labs108 Philosophy


What we live by…


labs: The lab is where the future happens first. Working with our forward-thinking customers, we create new and emerging innovations, technologies and products. We dream it together, we prototype it faster, design it creatively and understand its engineering thoroughly. From mobile to the cloud to the Internet of Things, our lab is prepped and ready to start building the improbable.

108 (One-Zero-Infinity):

One – We have a singular focus on our customer. We know how innovation works and any of our customers could be the next Facebook or Apple or SpaceX. Every new mobile product, every piece of enterprise software, every new download in the App Store has the potential to change the world. We want to be there when it does.

Zero – We are minimalists in terms of both design and engineering. Nothing should stand between the customer and what they want to achieve. The best design makes itself invisible, guiding the user experience intuitively.

Infinity – In the ancient world, seven signified the unchanging cosmos. Eight went beyond that to encompass the eternal return and perpetual rebirth. The symbols for eight and infinity ( 8 and ∞ ) share with their 3D counterpart, the Möbius band, the distinction of visually suggesting both eternity and movement. From sketch to prototype, we cycle back through the original concept in unique and creative ways. We iterate improvement and stay disruptive for a more powerful approach to innovation.


Who We Are…

labs108 is a boutique consulting firm that puts all of our future-forward design and engineering technology to work for our clients. We can help you discover new revenue opportunities, gain a foothold into original or underserved markets and present you with compelling avenues for engaging your users. We design, code, prototype, and build products and services with an emphasis on the highest quality, the most creative functionality, and the most captivating user experience. What kind of world do you want to build today?


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